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Help! I forgot my pin, passcode, or pattern

If you forgot your pin, pattern, or passcode, follow these steps to regain access to your camera.

Factory reset your device

Unless you have previously transferred the photos on your device to your computer, there isn't a way to save your device's data. You'll need to erase your device, which deletes all of your photos and settings. Follow these steps to complete a factory reset and unlock your camera.

  1. Press and hold the power button and shutter button together for 10-20 seconds.

  2. Let go when you see the Light logo appear. The camera will start up again.

  3. Push the shutter button once to scroll down the list to "Wipe data/Factory reset."

  4. Push the power button to select.

  5. Push the shutter button once more to highlight "yes."

  6. Push the power button to wipe data and factory reset your device.

  7. After the reset is complete, you will be returned to the previous screen. Push the power button to "reboot system now."

Once the camera reboots, you will be able to go through the welcome flow again and choose a new passcode. Alternatively, you can skip entering a passcode if you don't want one. We recommend not using a passcode if you aren't worried about the security of your camera.

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