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How do I connect my camera to a wireless network?

Connect to Wi-Fi:

1. Access the device settings menu:

  • From the camera or gallery modes, swipe down three times from the top of the touchscreen to access the Control Center (quick settings). To access the full menu, tap the gear icon  in the top right corner.

  • From the home screen, tap the arrow icon on the right to open the apps menu. Tap the Settings app to open the full device settings menu.

2. In the Control Center, tap the Wi-Fi symbol . In the full settings menu, tap “Wi-Fi” to open the available wireless networks menu.

3. If it isn't already on, tap the activation switch to turn Wi-Fi on.

4. Your Light L16 will search for nearby wireless networks. When you see the name of your wireless network, tap it to connect. If the network is secured and you need a password, you'll see a lock symbol next to the network name.

5. "Connected" will appear under the network name when you've successfully joined. That Wi-Fi network will now be a "saved network" and will automatically connect when in range, as long as Wi-Fi is enabled.

What if I see "authentication problem" ?

If you see "Saved" followed by "Authentication Problem," it means your wireless network password was entered incorrectly.

To re-enter your password:

1. Tap your wireless network name.

2. Tap "Forget."

3. Tap your wireless network name again and you will be prompted to re-enter your wireless password.

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