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How to Take Great Photos of Kids and Pets with the Light L16

Photography tips for moving objects

Written by Brian Fulda; captured by Joe Lubushkin

Kids and pets are often in motion and can be difficult to capture with any camera! One of the best ways to get a great photo of kids or animals is to get low—far down enough to photograph them at eye level. This makes for a much more compelling image, too, as it allows the viewer to connect with the subject on eye level.

When shooting during the daytime (especially in bright outdoor lighting), leave the camera on auto mode and let it do the work. 

If you’re trying to snap a photo of your child in a dimly lit environment (like inside), you’ll likely want to use manual mode. In this case, set a fast shutter speed so that you can capture your subject in motion. We recommend trying 1/200th of a second or faster to freeze the action. 

You will also need raise the ISO setting to get a well-exposed image—but try not to go above 1600. If it’s really dark, you can turn the flash on, but bear in mind it’s best used for subjects within a few feet of the camera.

Pro-tip: If your child or pet happens to sit still long enough for you to capture a precious moment, try zooming in to at least 70mm and back up far enough to capture their face. (Make sure it’s in focus, too.) This will allow the natural depth of the lens to blur out the background, leaving you with a share-worthy shot right out of the camera.

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