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How is Light processing the images in the gallery?

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The images in Light's gallery in addition to those published to Light’s social feeds are processed using Light’s proprietary Polar Fusion Engine. The engine is comprised of sophisticated imaging algorithms which computationally fuse the many images captured by the L16 to create one incredibly high-quality image.

Light’s Polar Fusion Engine is currently being alpha tested. The more images we capture with L16 cameras, the better tuned the engine becomes. This has very exciting implications for the photo libraries of the future… more on that later.

If you look closely at images which have been processed by the alpha version of our Polar Fusion Engine, you may encounter a few artifacts. We see them too. As we amass more and more images in the months leading up to L16 mass production, the engine will improve and these artifacts will be retroactively resolved.

In the meantime, if you want to geek out further on this ongoing work, feel free to email us your thoughts at - we love feedback!

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