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UK & EU: VAT (Value Added Tax)

Why does Light charge VAT?

In order to better serve our international customers with faster shipping times and lower costs, Light partners with a distribution center in the European Union (EU).

Any order made from the Light store in the United Kingdom (UK) or the EU will be shipped from our partner’s distribution center in Ireland. EU law requires that Light charge VAT (Value Added Tax) on orders that are shipped to the UK or EU, and VAT rates will be determined based on the shipping country. The selling price as reflected in the online store is inclusive of VAT.

Our EU partner is currently registered for VAT in 12 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. If we are shipping to a country in the EU that is not listed above, Irish VAT will be charged.

What is Light’s VAT number?

Since VAT rates vary, depending on the shipping country, your invoice will list the applicable VAT number. The invoice containing the VAT number will be included in the shipping package.

What if I already have a VAT number?

If you already have a VAT number it likely means you are a business. This means you are exempt from paying VAT on purchases from other businesses that have a VAT number. 

Unfortunately, Light can not accept and apply your VAT number on purchases. This means you will still be charged VAT on your order. 

When you receive your order, there will be an invoice in the package for your purchase. That invoice will show the amount of VAT you were charged and you can use this invoice to reclaim the VAT from your local government. 

You can find useful information on how to reclaim VAT for the UK here and for the EU here.

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