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Offline Installer Guide

What is an offline installer?

An offline installer allows a program, such as Lumen, to be downloaded to your computer when an internet connection is available, and then later installed when an internet connection is no longer available. In other words, you do not need to be connected to the internet to complete the installation.

If you are a Windows user, there is a separate offline installer located on the Lumen download page for Windows. For Mac OS, there is not a separate installer—the same installer can be used for both online and offline installation.

Advantages of an offline installer

  • The offline installer is a stand alone setup of Lumen. Besides the original installation file, you will not need to download anything from the internet to install successfully.
  • You can install Lumen to a computer in the field when internet access is not available.
  • Since installation is faster, the offline installer might be beneficial if you have a slow internet connection.
  • You can pause and resume the installation of Lumen at any time.

Disadvantages to an offline installer

  • The installer’s file size is larger.
  • If your computer is not connected to the internet, you will not be notified automatically when updates to Lumen are available, and the updates will not be automatically installed.

How to use the offline installer

  1. Download the offline installer for Lumen on Windows or Mac.

Windows: Click here.

Mac: Go to the Lumen for Mac download page. Click the blue, Mac download button.

2. Once downloaded, you can move the installation file to an external hard drive or flash drive to carry with you, or you can disconnect from the internet and begin your installation at anytime.

If you are ever in a scenario where there is no internet access and you are using a computer without Lumen previously installed, you can transfer the installation file to your computer and install Lumen.

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