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How do I transfer photos from my L16 using Bluetooth?

At the moment, Bluetooth transfer from the L16 only works on Android devices. However, a future software update will allow for transfer to iOS devices. For now, we have a work around for transferring photos to an iPhone, which can be found here: Transfer photos to iPhone

Keep track of our software updates here.

Transfer photos from your L16 to an Android device:

1. Enable Bluetooth on both your L16 and Android devices. 

To enable Bluetooth on your L16, swipe down from the live preview screen three times and tap the gear icon  in the top right corner. Tap the Bluetooth icon to toggle on and connect to a device.

2. Go to your L16 photo gallery and select the photo you want to transfer. 

For a single photo, tap the photo to open in full screen.

For multiple photos, go to the camera gallery and tap the grid icon  in the upper left corner. Tap the check mark at the top of the screen to enable multiple photo selection.

3. Once you’ve selected your photo, tap the the share icon .

4. In the window that appears, tap the Bluetooth option.

5. If you have not already processed your photo, it will now automatically process to 13 megapixels – optimized for your device and social sharing. 

Note:  Processing on the L16 creates a higher resolution photo by combining 5 of the 10+ images captured. Since processing high-resolution photos takes lots of power, we reserved the ability to develop full-resolution photos (52+ megapixels with 10+ images) for Lumen.

6. Once your photo has finished processing, you will be asked with which device you want to share the photo. Select your device.

7. Your Android device will get a notification asking you to accept or decline. Tap accept.

8. Your photo will automatically be transferred and saved to the default location of the selected device. Default location varies from each device, so check your device settings if you aren’t sure where the photo was saved.

9. Your L16 will notify you when the transfer is complete.

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