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Lumen Release Notes

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V2.3.0.606 (Mac) - October 2019

• MacOS Catalina Support: Lumen now supports mac OS 10.15.

V2.3.0 (Mac & Windows) - November 2018

  • Remote delete L16 images: Now you can delete images on the L16 directly from Lumen while your camera is plugged in. Easily manage your L16 gallery and storage in a few clicks.

  • Batch editing: Create and apply your style quickly to multiple images. Create presets or apply edits from one image to another. Editing options include everything on the right side of Lumen, including color, tone, and geometric edits.

  • Video import: Added support for video during import. Download your videos from the L16 for easy playback in your favorite video application.

  • Histogram: We improved the editing functionality by adding a histogram. Now you can see the tonal distribution and make changes more easily.

  • Improved import experience: We have made the import experience faster and easier.

  • Mojave support: Lumen now supports macOS 10.14.1.

V2.2.1 (Mac & Windows) - Late September 2018

  • Mojave support: Lumen now supports MacOS 10.14.
  • Ease of use: We added new tabs to more easily navigate between the L16 and your gallery.

V2.2.0 (Mac & Windows) - Late June 2018

  • Auto-processing: Lumen will automatically process your images in the background to cut down on image loading time. You should notice a big shift in how quickly you can access tools like depth effect and focus.
  • Crop and rotate: We added some basic editing tools to give you more creative freedom in post production.
  • Time zone: The time stamp on your images will now match the time zone they were captured in.
  • Feedback: We implemented the same feedback system that’s in our camera in Lumen. Now you can send our team crash reports, and even LRIs that will help us troubleshoot and make your experience better.

V2.1.0/2.1.1 (Mac & Windows) - Late March 2018

  • Rating system: Tag and sort your favorite photos with our 5-star scoring system. We even integrated a few keyboard shortcuts (0-5) to make this easier.
  • Import flow: We redesigned the way Lumen imports your images so that your desktop experience is not only easier to navigate, but more intuitive.
  • Recent folders: Now you can can seamlessly switch between images by accessing any of your recently opened folders from the top menu.
  • Basic adjustments: Any edits you make on the camera will carry over to Lumen.

V2.0.84 (Mac & Windows) - Late January 2018

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We made it faster and easier to edit and organize your images. (See the shortcuts here.)
  • Compatibility check: Whenever we see files that are using old software, we’ll flag them and recommend upgrading your software.
  • Recent folders: Now Lumen will remember the last images you opened and reopen in your gallery. 
  • Depth tools: We added a feathering option to soften your depth adjustments and create a more realistic look.

V2.0.76 (Mac & Windows) - Mid-December 2017

  • Tonal range: You should notice a big difference in the rendered tones for JPEGs, particularly in shadow and highlight regions.
  • Gallery selection: Now you can select multiple images at once for batch operations such as export or delete.
  • Image deletion: You asked, we answered. You may now delete images from Lumen (as subject to your operating system policies).
  • Image compression: We reduced the size of DNGs by approximately 50% to make them easier to maneuver.
  • Software support: Our DNG files are now compatible with more photo editing applications, like Apple Photos, Polarr, and even Snapseed.
  • Transfer: We squashed some import bugs so your images should load more consistently.
  • Basic editing: You’ll notice a major upgrade in the performance of the slider tools. Your images should update faster and smoother.
  • Gallery: You may now hide the gallery film-strip to see an image at a larger size.

V2.0.58 (Mac & Windows) - Late November 2017

  • OS Support: Lumen now supports Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite). We also improved Lumen's support of Windows 7 and 10 operating systems.
  • Compatibility Check (Windows): After you install Lumen, you can now check to make sure your computer and current operating system will work with our software.

V2.0 (Mac & Windows) - Mid-November 2017

  • Speed: Lumen has an all-new need for speed. We chopped exporting time in half and gallery loading speed by 70%, so that you never have to wait for your images again.
  • Focus: Want to pick a new focal point? Need to rescue a soft subject? We’ve got you covered. Simply shift the focus to another point near the original focal plane.
  • Depth: If you’re bokeh-obsessed like we are, you’ll be extra excited for this feature addition. We extended aperture adjustments all the way to f/2! Now you can add as much natural background blur as you want.
  • Basic Adjustments: Let the beautification begin. Adjust color, optimize exposure, tune sharpness, and more—all with fine, precise control. Your photos will thank you.
  • OS support: Folks on Windows 8.1 and Mac High Sierra can now enjoy all that Lumen has to offer.
  • Low-light performance: We tuned our de-noising and fusion algorithms to improve sharpness, clarity, highlight restoration, and contrast in shadows.

V1.2.4 (Mac) and V1.0.3 (Windows) - End of September 2017

  • Thumbnail Quality: We gave the quality of your thumbnail images a major boost. Say hello to crisper, clearer previews.
  • Low-light: We’re constantly working on the L16’s low-light capabilities. This release, we tuned our de-noising algorithms to make your dimly lit images even sharper.
  • Refine Edge: We corrected a few inconsistencies in our Refine Edge tool.
  • Crash reports: We added crash reports so that our team can understand and fix the issues happening inside the application. (Windows only)

V1.2.3 (Mac) - Mid-September 2017

  • Image clarity: Our processing algorithms are now better optimized for detail at all levels of ISO.
  • Tone curve: Your photos will have a more accurate range of highlights and shadows, which should allow for easier editing and retouching.
  • Long-exposure performance: We fixed the way our software handles hot pixels. The next time you’re shooting the Milky Way, you won’t need to worry about those non-celestial sparkles in your photographs.
  • Super-resolution: We refined the alignment of the 10+ images that are fused together to form each photo.

V1.2.2 (Mac) and V1.0.2 (Windows) - Early September 2017

  • Clarity of details: We tuned our processing algorithms to give your images sharper and more consistent definition.
  • Low-light: The next time you shoot in dim lighting, your photos will have truer colors, more realistic lighting, and better tonal range.
  • Infrared filters: We made sure the L16’s camera modules match the colors our eyes see.
  • Multiple DNG sizes: Now you can export smaller DNGs to maximize storage space on your computer.

V1.2.1 (Mac) and V1.0.1 (Windows) - Late August 2017

  • Image quality: Our new sharpening algorithms create clearer photos with more detail.
  • Exporting experience: Now all of your exported files are based on the original, 52MP-resolution image, so you get high-quality photos, no matter what size.
  • Export time: Download JPGs and DNG files 10% faster.
  • Low-light color: Wait till you see the much improved tonal range and color contrast in your dimly lit photos.
  • Zoom speed: You no longer have to wait for the entire image to load when you’re trying to focus on a tiny detail.
  • A locked-device issue: Lumen wouldn’t recognize images on the L16 if it hadn’t been unlocked.
  • Gallery experience: Thumbnail images no longer have to reload every time you click away, so navigating through your images should be much faster and easier.
  • Transfer failure: Lumen crashed whenever there wasn’t enough space for L16 files on a hard drive or computer.

V1.2.0 (Mac) - Early August 2017

  • Onboarding experience: We added an extensive tutorial to guide users through our proprietary depth editing tools, showing them how and when to use each of our unique features.
  • Shortcuts: We included keyboard shortcuts and more menu options for easier maneuvering.
  • Depth tools: Refine Edge and Blend Area tools are now separate to simplify workflow.

V1.1.0 (Mac) - Mid July 2017

  • Tone curve: We updated the tone curve for processed photos
  • User Interface: We improved the user interface of our depth tools.
  • Speed: Improved image loading speed on zoom and depth editing.
  • Stability: Hello smoother experience, goodbye crashes.

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