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L16 Software Release Notes

Always improving

Every week, we make the Light L16 a little better. That's the beauty of a camera built on software:  the experience never stops improving. In case you haven’t had a chance to test the latest software, we compiled a few highlights from our release notes.

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V1.3.4.1 (1341) - May 2019

  • Android third-party apps: We added options to allow you to install your favorite Android third-party apps. Please note that the L16 does not have access to the Google Play store. In order to download these apps, you must do so by downloading them from a third-party Android app store.*

* Note: Light does not endorse or encourage the installation of any third-party software or applications and does not take responsibility for any harm they may do to your L16, your photos, or your other information. Installing software that damages your L16 may void your warranty.

V1.3.3.5 (1335) - November 2018

  • On-device depth editing: We added the ability to adjust depth effect on your L16. You can now change the effective aperture from f/15 to f/2 and add that beautiful background blur. You can also change the focal point using your L16’s touch screen.

  • Video recording (beta): Your L16 can now record single-camera video at 1080p and 30fps. The video is based on using either the 28mm camera or the 70mm camera, allowing you to zoom all of the way from 28mm to 150mm.

  • Editing presets: Customize and create presets to easily edit your images in your style - all on your L16. Presets include color and geometric edits. Any changes will carry over to Lumen and be applied to the full (up to 52MP) resolution.

  • Power save mode: Maximize your L16 battery life with new Power save mode in the Android menu. The advanced settings even let you customize which functionality is turned off
  • Capture experience: We updated the capture screen to include resolution (approximate megapixels) and handshake warning for low-light.

  • Lumen deletion: Now you can delete images in the L16 gallery directly from Lumen while your camera is plugged in. 

Important: Some of these new features (rating system and editing on-camera) will require you to update to the latest version of Lumen Beta (v2.3.0 or later).

V1.3.2.5 (1325) - Late June 2018

  • Low-light assist: When you’re shooting at a higher ISO in auto mode, your L16 will now utilize image stacking to capture significantly more detail and much less noise. 

  • Tripod assist: The L16 now has a sixth sense. When the camera detects stability and stillness in auto mode, it will lengthen the exposure time and lower ISO to improve image quality.

  • Basic editing tools: We added the ability to crop and rotate your images on camera. All of your edits will save automatically and transfer to Lumen when you import.

  • Tutorials: We updated the L16’s onboarding tutorial to help you get up to speed faster. 

  • Key focal length: We made it easier to zoom to 75mm, which provides the best edge-to-edge resolution. 

  • Usability: A few of our basic camera modes got a facelift. It should be easier to see which mode you’re shooting in. 

  • Home screen: We made a few tweaks to the L16’s home screen experience, making it easier to access settings, software updates, and the feedback app.

V1.3.1.3 (1313) - Late March 2018

  • Priority modes: We added Shutter priority and ISO priority modes to give you easier access and more control when shooting on the go.
  • AWB presets: Choose from five different white-balance presets when composing your scene. All options—from Incandescent to Fluorescent to Daylight to Cloudy (and Auto)—are viewable in real time on the L16’s touchscreen.
  • On-camera editing: Now you can adjust color, contrast, tint and more as soon as you snap your photo. Bonus: These basic edits will even carry over to Lumen.
  • Histogram: Curious whether you’ve captured the right exposure? With the L16’s new histogram feature, you’ll know as soon as you open the photo in gallery.
  • Metadata: Find your photo’s EXIF data much easier in gallery mode.
  • On-camera rating: Pick your favorites on the go. The camera’s 5-star rating system will now carry over to Lumen.
  • Pocket assist: The L16 can now detect once you’ve stored it away in your jacket. It will automatically turn on standby mode to save your battery.
  • Image-quality indicators: We added a couple new icons in gallery mode to show you when you’re viewing a preview versus a higher quality, processed image.

Important: Some of these new features (rating system and editing on-camera) will require you to update to the latest version of Lumen Beta (v2.1.0 or later).

V1.3.0.6 (1306) - Late January 2018

  • Dynamic autofocus (AF-D): We added a new, more reactive AF mode that includes face detection, auto refocus, and focus Lock.
  • Auto refocus: If you move your camera significantly, the L16 will refocus the scene for you.
  • Focus lock: This new feature maintains your focus at a specific distance.  
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR): We tuned our algorithms to capture a broader range of highlights, with a greater level of detail throughout.
  • Faster AF: We increased the speed of autofocus, making it easier for you to quickly capture the moment.
  • Preview: We created a smoother, more responsive live-preview experience.
  • Bluetooth shutter: Now you can trigger your L16 remotely with bluetooth shutter remote.
  • Autofocus icons: We updated the color so that you can see focus more easily in sunlight.

V1.3.0.4/ (1304/1305) - Mid-December 2017

  • Tonal range: You should notice a big difference in the rendered tones for JPEGs, particularly in shadow and highlight regions.
  • Image sharpness: We updated our fusion algorithms to better match each and every pixel, making your images clearer and sharper.
  • Zoom: Now you can hit every single focal length, especially key lengths of 35mm and 75mm, which provide the highest edge to edge resolutions.
  • Gallery access: The gallery icon will indicate that your camera is locked and ask you to enter your passcode before you’re able to view your images.
  • Feedback app: Next time you’d like to report an issue or make a feature request, you’ll notice a much easier, smoother experience.
  • Shutter lag: We reduced capture time in auto mode.
  • Bug fix: Flash settings.

V1.3.0.1/ (1301/1302) - Mid-November, 2017

  • Autofocus and shutter lag: We reduced autofocus speed by roughly 400 milliseconds and total capture time by more than half a second.
  • Image sharpness: We tweaked the position and movement of the L16’s mirrors to produce clearer photos.
  • Shutter: The next time you use the physical shutter button to capture, you’ll feel the difference in speed and performance. Not only did we reduce shutter lag, we also streamlined the experience so you won’t miss a shot. 
  • Software stability: Our engineering team rebuilt the camera and gallery applications for faster and easier fixes.
  • White balance: Image colors are more accurate, especially in indoor lighting.
  • Low-light performance: We tuned our de-noising and fusion algorithms to improve sharpness, clarity, and highlight restoration. You should also see improved contrast for blacks and shadows of photos shot in low lighting.

Note: Updating your camera with this new software will require you to download a new version of Lumen on your computer. 

V1.2.2 (1120) - Late September, 2017

  • Gallery: We gave the quality of your thumbnail images a major boost. Say hello to crisper, clearer previews.
  • Low-light performance: We’re constantly working on the L16’s low-light capabilities. This week, we tuned our de-noising algorithms to make your dimly lit images even sharper.
  • EXIF bug: Your image’s metadata should be accurate now.

V1.2.1 (1110) - Mid-September, 2017

  • Auto white balance: The way the L16 reads color temperature will now be much closer to what you see with the human eye.
  • Long-exposure performance: We fixed the way our camera handles hot pixels. The next time you’re shooting the Milky Way, you won’t need to worry about those non-celestial sparkles in your photographs.
  • Wallpaper: We gave the home screen a major facelift.

V1.2.0 (1100) - Early September, 2017

  • Burst mode: The L16 can now capture action at full resolution. Choose between three-and-six-shot bursts to freeze your fast-moving subjects.
  • Lens shading: We fixed that ugly vignetting that was appearing on low-light images.
  • Infrared filters: We made sure the L16’s camera modules match what our eyes see.

V1.1.1 (1080) - Late August, 2017

  • Audio for long-exposure shots: Now you know exactly when your L16 starts and stops capturing.
  • Image Quality: We optimized the L16’s mirror movements to make your photos even sharper.
  • Default settings: Auto mode got a whole lot smarter. Now the L16 will expose your image based on the center of the scene—and it knows exactly when to bring flash into play.
  • Low-light color: We modified exposure levels to give your dimly lit photos better tonal range and color contrast.

V1.1.0 (1060) - Mid-August, 2017

  • Low-light performance: The L16 automatically adjusts its settings in dim lighting to maximize quality and minimize noise.
  • Enhanced dynamic range: When there are big differences in a scene’s lighting, it can be challenging to capture all the tones. With the L16’s improved dynamic range, your camera will now capture more light, giving your photos a wider range of highlights and shadows.
  • Faster and more precise AF: Getting your subject in crystal-clear focus is now just one tap (or half-press) away.
  • Gallery experience: Image resolution is now 3x better in the gallery mode—and up to 20x better when processed.
  • Flick to zoom: It’s now a lot easier to jump between key focal lengths like 35mm and 70mm.

V1.0.1 (1030) - Late July, 2017

  • Touch-weighted metering
  • The speed and accuracy of autofocus
  • On-device feedback and diagnostics reporting
  • Capture & self-timer sounds
  • Exposure value scale (now it matches the proper EV scale!)

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