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How is the L16 different from other cameras?

The Light L16 camera is the first multi-aperture computational camera. The L16 makes it easy for anyone to take DSLR-quality images. Light’s technology combines folded optics with sophisticated computational imaging algorithms to deliver the highest quality images from the smallest possible device. 

A traditional DSLR uses one lens to focus light onto one sensor in order to capture a photo. The Light L16 uses multiple apertures and sensors, in conjunction with state of the art computational imaging, to combine those images into a single, higher-quality photo with up to 52 megapixels.

Check out our brief explanation video.

For more information, check out our in-depth guide to the technology behind the L16.


For an in-depth look at how the camera works, watch our CTO and co-founder, Rajiv, give a speech on the camera’s technology.


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